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So, we are in 2011. I have big plans for "Current Woman". This week I'll introduce few new items. Today is the birth of the second page of this blog. It's "Beauty and Fashion". Another addition for today is a fact that I will have some help with my posts this year.

Now, I know that one of the things a lot of us women like to do is to shop for clothes. And that is a wonderful thing! Holiday Season sales are especially great for this activity since there are a lot of fantastic deals. You can literally buy yourself a full wardrobe. I bought a really cute sweater today.

But does what you buy make you happy? Well, I found a very interesting article about this and would love to share it with you. This article has been written by Tamar Rosen (she will be one of my regular article contributors). So, without any further delay:

"Getting Dressed and Feeling Good About It.

Getting dressed in the morning can be either an exciting event, or a drab morning routine; and obligatory start to our day. If you are wearing something exciting, than it is not boring! It does not only have to be fun when your clothes are being put on as clubwear or for an exciting party. It can be exciting, especially when you are putting on dresses and sun party outfits like that. Every day should be a party when you get dressed.

Although it may seem like getting dressed is just the way we start our day, it is not. In fact, the way we do this, including what we are wearing, can set the mood for the rest of the day. It has a huge effect on our lives; much more than we realize. Studies show that indeed what you are wearing has an effect on your mood; and women who do not like what they are wearing are more likely to get depressed.

Part of feeling good about yourself, is choosing clothing that you would like going out in public in; things that you are enjoy wearing. This may even include a list filled with only dresses and party outfits or clubwear; but if that what makes you happy, then go for it.

Most people however, will choose a mixture of clothing for all occasions; all of them things that they think are pleasant. Never buy yourself anything for your wardrobe that you do not like. This just leads to downfall. It is worth  the extra money. You may even be wasting money by buying cheaper things you don't like, because then in the end you may even wear them.

When you leave for work in the morning, you should feel good about yourself and how you look. Think of it as an investment to buy yourself that slightly more expensive business suit; or an array of classy dresses. Take a day off to go shopping for the best for the wardrobe you can find to make yourself beautiful. If you give yourself a full day, you can also look for the best bargains.

Click Here for Free Shipping at TimeForMeCatalog.comDon't just pass this up as not for you. It is for everyone out there. Even if you think that it does not matter because all you do is go to work and back.You still need to feel beautiful when you get dressed in the morning. You will see that it will make a huge difference in your day and the days that follow.

You are entitled to do something for yourself even if it costs a little money to replenish your wardrobe. You do not only need nice clothes for parties or to have as clubwear. You need to always look and feel excellent; even when you are lounging at home for the day. There is never a reason to put a damper on your mood. If you are dressed nicely, you will feel good and you will function much better throughout the day. So, go by yourself a whole new wardrobe if you have to. You are not spending unnecessary money; after all it will be a lot bigger of a bill to hire a psychiatrist when you get depressed."

I could not have said better myself! All there is to add is LET'S GO SHOPPING!

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Let me know what your experiences with the clothes. And remember you have to stay current. That's the only way to be a Current Woman.

Be Active! Be Involved! Be a Current Woman!