Saturday, September 1, 2012

Unconditional Love

It's been a veeeeeeery long time! It's been challenging and interesting time off from the blogging stratosphere. But it's time to get back and share what I've learned.
Since I've missed you all so much, I though the best way to return is to talk about LOVE. More specifically, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This is especially important connection with my last post - The "D" Word.

Here is what wiki's definition of unconditional love :
"Unconditional love is known as affection without any limitations. This term is sometimes associated with other terms such as true altruism, complete love, or "mother's love."

"Mother's love" is the first idea that comes to mind. It's been experienced by all of us, all of us were kids. As a Mom, I can also attest to that and aware that I am not the only one. Right Moms?
You must know what I am talking about. No wrong could come from you for your Mom. No matter what you did, no matter how bad you messed up, no matter how far you are, no matter if you have not spoken for a while, you know she loves you and always will. This is what Moms do. You‘ll always have their love.

Just looking at my Mom and thinking of what my brother and I have put her through (well I was not that bad ;)), I cannot thank her enough every time we speak. And every time I deal with my son I try to remember what my Mom did with me in one situation or the other. My son, well I tell him that I love him every single day. He really needs to know that right now.

But what about the rest: true altruism and complete love. Have you ever experienced any of these loves? Have you ever given either to anyone?
Well, I am a lucky girl and belong to the group of people that experienced both.

My fantastic family and friends have been there for me through all of my challenges. I came to Canada and left my family behind. What helped me is my outgoing, sunshine personality. Ive met some fabulous people in my last 17 years in Canada. They became my friends and family. Yes, some years were really tough and at times I simply did not know how am I going to make it. But my friends were there to help me and at times to guide me. And I know it was true altruism if you wish. I was a stranger to them at some point.

Let's consider another definition - complete love. I believe complete love is a type of love between two people that are romantically involved. Of course there has to be romance and passion for people in love. But we all know those feelings subside somewhat after you've been together for sometime. And what's left is love that should take you through the rest of it all. I am talking about all the challenges of the relationship. Can you handle that?

It is great to be on receiving side of love but my question today is, can you be the provider? Ok, you might not have a child but what about the other two types of unconditional love? Do you have it in you? Do you have enough love to share and get nothing in return?

We all need love in our lives. It's tough to believe that there are still many people in the world that do not get any love. Most of the time it's not their fault: abandoned child, forgotten senior, person down on it's luck. These people don't ask for much, just someone to show them that they're loved and matter.

So, please think about it and consider sharing. It does not take much time or money. There are many ways to do it: volunteer at food cupboards, share your time with children and seniors that are alone, donate to the cause of your choice.

With all the love that I receive of course I try to share. As you can imagine, women's issues receive my utmost attention. But here is another way that I share - Kiva. It's been introduced to me by a friend and I have not looked back. So far, I have been able to put a smile on the faces of ten people around the world. Cannot wait to extend my reach! Are you with me?

It will be great to know of your thoughts about unconditional love. I would also love to hear your stories of sharing love. In the meantime,

Be Active! Be Involved! Be a Current Woman!

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