Saturday, January 14, 2017

What's the Name of the Game?

Hello, hello, hello!

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Man, this blog has experienced a long drought.... but this blog and I have learned to accept my ever changing life. All the punches, bumps, curves and surprises, as mean and tough as they might have been, are just a way to try to distract me from my goals and true desires. And guess what, I've played this game many times before and FOCUS is still the name of my game!

Yes, another year passed by and I am glad it's done, it has been a challenging one. It had tears, fears, battles, disappointments and ended with a death in my already very tiny family. But you know what, it sounds like any other year (with exception of the death of course) and probably just like another year in your life. And really when you look at it from this perspective - it was just another year in my life. That's all it was!

It was also filled with laughter, great adventures, new experiences,
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beautiful surprises, wins, celebrations and a lot of love. These are the things that make a great difference in my life and I choose to FOCUS on them. These are the things that make me happy and strong, they give me energy and let me believe that I am okay, they make my days much brighter and take me to higher highs. These are the things that really matter and they can trump (can't believe I just used this word, wonder how much it will cost me?) any negative experiences or feelings.

Of course I do not suggest you ignore the negative matters in your life, please respect them since they are your lessons, lessons that help you to enjoy your positive experiences even more. Look at them as your life assignments. Remember school? Well forget it now! It is okay to make mistakes while completing life assignments, it is recommended to make mistakes in life (well, recommended by me). Think, how
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else could you have learned that grabbing  a handle of a cast iron frying pan while it's on a hot stove will burn your hand? Did you make a mistake? Yes you did and you should be proud! Have you learned a lesson? Yes you did (or at least I hope you did)!

Now let's get back to my game. If you are trying to keep up with my posts (they are so rare after all), you know that there have been many obstacles which keep throwing me back and delaying my goal achievements. And it use to be very difficult for me to deal with them since I am a very competitive person and a sore looser (Remember board games cuz? Sorry!). But after I started my spiritual development journey, I realized that getting upset and frustrated just make matters worse. There is no need to FOCUS on events that have already taken place, especially if these are negative events, there is nothing you can do to change the outcome. However, you can FOCUS on the fact that you were given a great opportunity to learn something and move forward as more experienced individual. And just stay focused on your goal until you arrive to a desired outcome. It's just that simple!

And trust me - it works! Just the other day, I was working on a document, was very happy with the outcome, just to discover, as I was trying to send it to its destination, that it had not saved . Although I was making sure to save it while working, it was not there, hours of work were gone! At first I got
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mad at the computer (technology loves playing with me), then I was mad with myself and it did not make me feel very good. The negativity was creeping in. Although I respect it, I do not like its visits. So I quickly snapped out of it, contacted the person who was expecting the document, assured this person that the matter will be resolved withing a day and moved on with my day. I realized that The Universe must have had another plan for me. And guess what, the second version of the document was even better and the end result was great. I stayed focused on the goal - the end result. And did not pay much attention to matters that were trying to throw me of the course.

Staying on track and staying focused could be challenging, especially when there are plenty of contributors to the distractions in our lives: colleagues, kids, relationship issues, work challenges, health upsets, just to name a few. But if you are true to your goal and passionate about it, those contributors
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will not make a difference. All you have to do is to make little adjustments. This can be little adjustments to your goal or the deadline of your goal. Life happens and in some instances we have no control over it. But you have control over the way you react to these disruptions and if your goal is important to you, you will find the best way to FOCUS on it. Just remind yourself why you chose this particular goal. It was most likely to improve yourself or your life in some way. So, it will have a positive outcome! And there you go! Our train has arrived, who is getting off at "Positive Station"?

In conclusion, I would like to remind you not to get angry, not to fret, and especially not to throw in a towel. Just step back, breathe, re-group and jump right back in! Oh yeah, you are so ready to get back at it and make it even better!!!!!

So, go get 'em, stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize! I can see it, I can fell it, I can taste it! It is near and now it is here! Seriously, get going...... and while you're at it...

Be Active! Be Involved! Be a Current Woman!

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