Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello my lovely readers!

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I am still trying to comprehend how is it the middle of May! What happened to February, March and April? Do you recall them? But I guess we do not have a say in this so let's just enjoy this lovely month and of course today.

As I am sure most of you know, today was Mother's Day in most countries of the world. It is the day when mothers are appreciated and recognized. A very special day for all the mothers! And I really truly hope so! But you did not think this is it for me, did you? Of course not! So here comes my elaboration. Are you ready?

If you are reading this post, you most likely have or had a mother (someone had to give a birth to you). And so, you most likely have been involved in celebration of Mother's Day at one time or another: macaroni necklace; crayon drawing of flowers with oddly shaped inscription "For Mom"; real flowers and chocolates bought by your Dad or grandparents to give to your Mom; and finally graduation for treating your Mom to a special brunch or dinner. Does that sound familiar? I am sure it does for most of you.

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Growing up in Russia, we did not have Mother's Day, women were celebrated on March 8th - International Women's Day. And yes, we did something very similar to above. But most importantly this was the day when mothers and grandmothers were celebrated.

But here is a question for you, doesn't it feel a little strange that there is only one day a year that we celebrate moms? Why can't we recognize and celebrate things that our Moms do or done for us on a daily basis? It's not that difficult and usually a simple "thank you", "I love you" or a hug can do wonders.

I am a mother and my son understands now that small things matter. And so I am blessed with "thank you'" and random hugs almost on a daily basis. It feels so wonderful! And I try to remind my mom that I love her very much. We do not see each other very often, Atlantic ocean you see. But we try to connect as often as possible. And so we are blessed with saying "I love you" to one another every time we speak on the phone. It might not be much but we greatly appreciate our sincerity and recognition!

So here is a thought, celebrate your Mom more often, little things work wonders. If you are mother yourself, there is nothing wrong with reminding your family about little things that matter. Yes, I am talking about "thank you", hugs, and of course the mother (pun is certainly intended) of them all - "I love you". We are deserving!

And yes, I recognize that some of you do not have relationship with their mothers. It is sad and I prefer not to discuss this today. Just know one thing, there is always someone in your life that loves and appreciates you.

Hope all of you had a wonderful day and here is to more little things in your life!

Be Active! Be Involved! Be a Current Woman!

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