Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's Never Too Late

Ok, I am back to work.

My vacation as well as extra almost a week off (due to very nasty cold, welcome back to Canada) is over. Feel almost perfect and ready to attack (any one has a problem with that ;)).

I'd like to discuss something that I am sure some of us have come across many times. You know, the time when you think of some great idea, start dreaming and then realize that some one else already ahead of you? Well, it happened to me again.

Couple of days ago I was checking some of the tweets and something from Oprah caught my eye. It was a tweet about a lady that Oprah was praising. And since I do follow "current women" to stay on top of women's issues I absolutely had to check this one out.

To my amuse it was a blog (I will not mention the name just yet). It was a blog that I am trying to create. And it has been around for couple of years. WHAT???????? So, as you can imagine, my first reaction was disappointment: " Well, I am too late again! I cannot believe it! All my plans crashed! All my ideas and business plans are going in the garbage!"

But, reading about the author and some of the articles, I quickly realized that this is not all bad. Sure it is a blog that is similar to mine but it is not my blog, it's not my idea. My blog is a "baby" (jut 3 month old) and I am still in the process of streamlining it. Ok, there is still lots of work to be done. And guess what, the other blog helps women like me.

So, I quickly realized that this particular situation is not the end of my idea. It is actually just a beginning. Perhaps, I can become one of the contributors. There is some material that can help you, my readers. There is simply a lot of positive about finding that blog.

This brings me to the subject of my post from January (Happy New Year! Part Two). DO NOT GIVE UP! Just make adjustments. I know that what I am trying to accomplish has it's own niche. Yes, there are people like you that like my writing style, my stories and even my mistakes. And you come to read my blog from everywhere: Canada, USA, Russia, UK, Ireland, France, Malaysia, South Africa (thanks cuz), Poland, Vietnam (welcome), Australia and few more. So, as you can see there are still quite a few countries to cover.

I would like to thank the creator of the blog that I found (I will reveal the name of the blog and the name of the creator in my next post). Thank you for reassuring that what I am doing is needed. Big THANK YOU to all of you that are reading my posts, you are my inspiration.

Please let me know what subjects you would like to discuss. I am always on the search for new interesting material. Also, don't forget about the pole, it's just at the bottom of the page. I'd like to know what you like.

Have a fantastic day, afternoon, evening! And remember...

Be Active! Be Involved! Be a Current Woman!

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