Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank You Sun! I love you!

I know, I know, I know!!!

I promised to talk to you soooooo much more often but it seems like I've completely disappeared. I really tried to stay on top of things (see photo on the right). Well, as I like to say: "Life got in the way!" But it was a good "in the way" situation. I've escaped cold Canadian winter to sunny beautiful Mayan Riviera. Ahhhhhh!

It was fantastic!!!! What can be better then sun, beautiful Caribbean water, white sandy beach and way above 0C outside? I cannot think of anything else. Especially on the cold winter day. Oh wait, I just did. Here it is: getting relaxation massage on Valentines Day, on the white sandy beach, in front of the warm waters of turquoise Caribbean Sea, with Palm trees around you and hot sun in the gorgeous blue sky, beside my husband. Yes, that's exactly how it was. My lovely hubby and I experienced precisely that, and it was fabulous! This will be a Valentines Day to remember. It might be tough to top though.

Seriously, both of us needed a nice break. And we got exactly that. This was our third time at Barcelo Maya Beach Resort. It is a fabulous place with delicious food and superb service. This time we had seven full days on the beach. It has not rained once and the sun was hot, hot, hot!!! Just the way we love it. We got some nice ten to show (well, my son thought I look orange (?????), funny teenager).

Couple of things to mention if you ever decide to visit Barcelo Maya in February. IT IS VERY BUSY!!!! Honestly, this is our third time there and we never seen the beach sooooooo busy. Every morning when we went for our run, we brought our beach towels to claim chairs! After run, we shower and change, have breakfast and go to the beach to our claimed chairs. One of the mornings we were very surprised to see someone else lounging on our claimed chairs. See, the problem is, we knew these were the chairs but there was no way to prove since there are no markings on towels. After few unpleasant verbal exchanges and $40 later we got our new towels, found a pair of different chairs and learned our lesson. From than on we were marking our chairs not just with towels, we added water bottles and sunscreen bottles (oh yes, we had lots of those). 

Another interesting thing we've noticed this time, there were lots and lots of Europeans. There were many Spaniards and Italians. We could not figure out why would they be at the Caribbean Sea while they have Mediterranean. Right, Mediterranean Sea is cold in the winter.

We were quite surprised to see another large group - Scandinavians. This was very interesting. There were Finns, Swedes and Dens, may be few groups from Norway (how do you call them, Norws???). These were mostly families. I figured they were part of a special tour since resort even had Scandinavian kid's groups organizers. It was  pretty cool to see all these very blond people. They really looked like they did not belong. And the sun was hot. Photo on the right has a combination of all of the nations that I mentioned.

There was another new item on our trip this time - water camera. Wow! Very impressive! You can have fun in the sun, sand and water and not worry if your camera gets some sand or water on it. And the pictures and videos are of a very high quality (as you can see one of them on the right).

As you already know, my writing style is unusual. So, I'd like to mention the beginning of our trip now.  Nothing can be better then starting your trip with a glass of champagne on the plane (courtesy of Sunwing Airlines). And even though the plane was late an hour and a half and we did not get to our hotel lobby till 1 am, we were looking forward to sandwiches (they are delicious), "Barcelo Maya" green marinated olives (yam) and a Caesar at the bar that is opened 24 hours (new this year). And it's all waiting for you in the lobby, just register and enjoy (as you can see on the right I really did).

I also discovered that travelling in the evening is great since you do not loose any daylight with that beautiful hot sun. Of course, it also helps that we know the resort (we knew there will be food and drinks on arrival).

All in all it was a successful trip. We are tend, re-energized and eager to get back to business (well, may be not that eager). I am looking forward to the time when we can take more time off and enjoy warm climate. Perhaps a move is on the horizon?

Remember, we all need a break. Please make sure that you do that. It is very refreshing. I know that I feel like "Current Woman" again.

Have a fantastic day!

Be Active! Be Involved! Be a Current Woman!

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