Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Let It Go Part One

Hello my dear friends,

It's been over a week since my last post and it is amazing how much can happen in just one week. There were happy times and there were sad times but all as equally important in our lives.
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But for the last few month (actually last few years for me) there was one constant whispered by the Universe - LET IT GO! Okay, lately, it has been rather loud and thus the CAPS had to come out.

Where do I start with explaining all of the above? How about the beginning!

It is another stunning sunny and hot day! I am very fortunate to sit on the deck, look at the river, hear the wind wrestle tops of the trees, hear a frog, the grasshoppers, watch the hummingbirds enjoy the
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sweet nectar and do all of the above as I am writing this post. Yes, I am on vacation (sort off)!

This morning I had a chance to meditate on the dock while being gently touch by the wind and the sun, relax my body and mind and jump into my beautiful day. It was a great start to the day and future looked very bright!

However, after having a conversation with a friend, something changed. I got sad, few tears were shed and my mood changed. Of course, my first reaction was to figure out what happened since it is very important for future development. And after taking a little time to think about it I came back with a response - LET IT GO!

You see, in the last few years I have been exploring my spiritual self and been trying to help others to find or develop theirs. One of the things I learned (and confirmed for myself) that we as humans hold on to certain situations that drag us down, do not help our development and make us sad. We do not
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have control over most of such situations and so the best solution is to release then or LET THEM GO.

It seems simple enough but unfortunately it is not. It requires daily reminders and paying attention to your state of mind and listening to your thoughts (you know that little voice in your head?).Even with the time I have spent trying to master this skill I still find myself stuck at times. Today is a prefect example! Did something new came to my life to upset me? Not really! I simply have not really LET IT GO!

I have not realized the affect that certain matters have on our lives if we keep thinking about them and letting them stick around. You might not think about these matters every single day but they are there, just sitting in the background and watching you go about your day. And they seem to like to bother you at the most inconvenient time.

Yes, I will share few tricks that I use to make this happen or at least to try to tone the "bother" down
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but it will take place in the second part of this post. Solution is on its way but not today. Today, I would like to focus on helping you to discover and understand what those culprits are.

We all have problems in our lives. It might be money related, work or business related, relationship related, family related or health related. All of us, well most of us, think that we have control over the above. I guess in some instances we do. But all items that I mentioned usually involve outside factors. And guess what, we do not have control over those. We think we do but really think about it:

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- Money is usually related to our jobs, businesses or banks. Do we have control over them, not really. There is no longer such thing as job for life. You do not have control over the prices that businesses we deal with charge. And do I even need to explain the bank situation? I think not.
- Work or business are mostly related to our education and ambitions. Yes, there is some control but we do not have any over the decision makers of the job you applied for or the following of your business.
- Relationships are created by two people. Although you might have control over your feelings, emotions and likes, you do not have any control over how the other person feels.
- Family is supposed to be our castle, however we do not choose family and thus have no control over how some family members act or live their lives.
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- When it comes to health our doctors, governments and media always seems to have an idea what's good and what's bad for us and we try to follow the standardBut sometimes that is just not enough and no medication or drug can help you - no control.

Yes, I have been working on mastering the LET IT GO and it is work in progress. Like in any development there are ups and downs in this course. And of course I will provide you with some ideas that work for me. But that will be in Let It Go Part Two.

For now, thank you for visiting, listening and considering... remember,

Be Active! Be Involved! Be a Current Woman! 

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