Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Let It Go Part Two

Hello my dear friends,

Today is the day to follow through on my promise. Today I will be sharing few tips on how to help you LET IT GO.

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We will get there shortly but first I would like to say thank you to someone that we lost just over a week ago. We lost a friend, a husband, a fighter for freedom and justice, a life loving man! He was not famous but well known, he was not rich but shared all he had, he was not a superhero but helped many, he was not a big man but he had a giant heart!

He is missed by many and all are still unable to comprehend the fact that he is no longer here with us, among living. He fought till the last moment. I remember the last time I saw him, his body was frail but his spirit was tough. As I was leaving, I said:"Stay strong!". He raised his arm with a tight fist in the air as if he was a MMA fighter encouraging his cheering fans. He was a fighter till the end!
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So, I would like to thank this man for being part of our lives, teaching us how to be just, how to live life, how to be generous and most importantly how to be humble. We are forever grateful for the fact that we knew you! Rest in peace!

It is rather funny, as I am writing this post he is telling me that it's too much praise for him! And yes, I will elaborate on my comment about "hearing voices from beyond". But that will be another post.

So, back to today's topic - LET IT GO. Although I was not very close to this person and did not know him that long, but I am close to someone who did. He considered him as his brother and this was the closets person he had in Ottawa. This death hit him hard! He is having a tough time LETTING GO.

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I understand, it is not easy and I had to deal with untimely death of my Dad (I could not even make it to the funeral) and my son's Dad. Both happened within eight month. This was a hard hit! And I am still feeling it from time to time.

But enough about death. As mentioned in part one there are other aspects of life that require to exercise the LET IT GO concept. And two other great examples will be a loss of a job and breakdown of a relationship. I am sure most of us have been through that grinder!

I know, I know, you are probably saying:"Can we get to the tips already?". I respect your wishes so here they are:
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1. Always focus on positive! Remember the good times! 
2. Think of the lessons you've learned. All the negative has positive!
3. Take time to analyze/rest/grieve, but don't get stuck! Life will not wait for you!
4. And finally LET IT GO! It is past! You cannot change it!

Short and sweet and seems simple enough. Yes, it is but it takes time to master. Although I am not ready to call myself a Master just yet, there is a comfort to think that I have helped few people already with these simple tips. Just please remember I am not a professional psychotherapist or a grief counselor.
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Now, the tips above might require further elaboration and of course it will be my pleasure to do so. However, I also value your time and do not want you to stick around for another hour to hear what I
have to say. Perhaps this can be another topic for discussion. Let's make it LET IT GO Part Three! So, LET IT GO to be continued....

In the meantime, I would like to thank you for stopping by. I hope you find these tips helpful and if you have any questions and do not want to wait till "elaboration post" please contact me and I will be happy to have a discussion. Also, if you have some of your own tricks that you would like to share, comment away!

As for now,

Be Active! Be Involved! Be a Current Woman!

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