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Let It Go Part Three

Hello my dear friends,

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The publication of this post could not have come at a better time! As the new moon and partial solar eclipse upon us, this is a perfect opportunity to continue our Let It Go discussion. And so, as mentioned in Let It Go Part Two, I will elaborate on the tips that have been provided in the last post.

So, I believe I'll jump right into our discussion without my regular prelude. And of course we will start with tip number one:

1. Always focus on positive! Remember the good times! 

I would like you to read the above and really think what it means to you. It is very easy to do the above if it was a positive experience that you have to let go off (remember that time at the party?). But what if it was a negative experience, where is the positive in this case? Well, if you are letting it go that probably means that you are no longer in that negative situation and now you are in the process of working through the consequences. You are alive and hopefully healthy and moving on! An example can be a serious illness that you overcome. The positive would be the support and care you received during the time of illness that brought you to today. Remember the good times! 

2Think of the lessons you've learned. All the negative has positive!

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Does this even need a more detail explanation? I believe the above sentence says it all. But I will expand  a little. Even if you think there is no way that one particular negative experience has absolutely nothing positive to offer, there is a lesson to learn from that experience. And so with that, I will take an example from my own life (and this might apply to many of our children or us). At his second birthday, Daniel's grandmother made him a beautiful cake and it was decorated with some new toys (small cars) and candles. As he sat in the highchair, the group of adults sang Happy Birthday and brought out the cake with lit candles that was placed in front of Daniel. Being a little boy who was fascinated with
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cars he automatically reached out to grab one of them and to the horror of all the adults burnt his little hand. The poor little guy started crying and all of the adults were trying to figure out how could this happen. It was not the most pleasant experience for my son or us, his family, and all of us would like to forget that.  But we all learned lessons: Daniel learned that if you touch the fire with bare hands you get burned and we, adults, learned that when presenting a cake with lit candles to a very young child, you have to take more control of presentation and placement of "special effects". This is a very simple example but it shows you that all the negative has positive.

3. Take time to analyze/rest/grieve, but don't get stuck! Life will not wait for you! 

It will be rather cruel if I am to say just forget about it and move on. It is not that easy! We are human beings and no matter how emotionally developed or undeveloped we are, we get
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attached. We get attached to things, people, feelings and sensations. And it is only normal to take time with the act of dis-attachment. So, take your time to analyze, rest or grieve. But try to  put a time frame on this process and do few things each day to help you progress towards that deadline. It could be very difficult to do so in case of a death of loved one or someone close to you but it is important to work through this. You have to remind yourself everyday that you are still here and there is a reason for that. Perhaps, you might be the person who has to continue the legacy of the deceased and it will not work so well if you're stuck. 

4. And finally LET IT GO! It is past! You cannot change it!

Once again, I believe the sentence above says it all. The only item I would like to add is for you to watch your "would have" and "should have".  Remember, you "might have" and "could have" but for whatever reason you "did not". And at times the decision or outcome was
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not even in your control. So, whatever happened happened. And at this time we do not have a time machine to take us back and fix whatever it is you would like to fix. But also think of the effect it might have on your future life if you had the ability to change things. Think "Back to the Future"! I know that I would not change a thing in my life. Yes, I have been through a lot but I am very pleased with the person I am today. And I thank my past experiences for that! So, think twice before you start building that time machine. And let go of the "would have" and "should have'. These phrases have a negative ring to them. Focus on "I will" and "I should".

So how do you feel? Was my elaboration helpful to you to decipher the Let It Go tips? A penny for your thoughts! 

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I really hope that this post helped you to continue your journey of clearing your life of things, people, feelings and emotions that are no longer serving good to your human nature. They are in the past. Respect them and let them be. They are just that, your past experiences, that are part of your life. And you can always revisit them for the purpose of sharing your lessons learned but please DO NOT GET STUCK! You already let them go!

Thank you once again for stopping by and your valuable time. And please do not keep me a secret! We are on a constant road to personal growth and development. So let's make room for new experiences! And with new moon upon us make that list of things you desire, it's time for new beginnings! Just watch for that Mercury retrograde!  In the mean time....

Be Active! Be Involved! Be a Current Woman!

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