Monday, January 11, 2016

Are You Still Breathing?

Hello my dear friends,

How are you doing so far? Have you survived the first week of 2016? Are you still breathing? Is my question a little surprising? Really?

Well okay, let me explain. Two big celebrations of 2015 are under the belt (Russia is just getting to the second one, Old New Year on January 13th). And with those two "big ones" come with a lot of responsibilities. Here is the short list:

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- Planning of what to cook
- Planning of where to eat
- Planning of who to invite
- Planning of who to visit
- Planning of what to give as presents
- Planning of what to wear
- Shopping for food to cook
- Shopping for decorations and dinning accessories
- Shopping for something nice to wear
- Shopping for presents
- Decorating
- Wrapping the presents
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- Cooking
- Eating
- Visiting    
- Opening presents
- Dressing up
- Undressing
- Making resolutions and setting goals
- Cleaning up

Phew! I am tired just looking at this short list. And then comes the week after, when you are expected to pick up and get back to reality or "normal" life (whatever your view is) with new resolutions and goals to achieve. Are you still breathing?

Holidays could be stressful, tiring and overwhelming and it takes time to recover. And when the new year starts, most of us are expecting the new beginning, fresh start, new or better you. The enthusiasm is the highest in the first week. And some of us do not make it past the first week with our new commitments. Are you still breathing?

I hope you are since I want the best for you. So, here are few points for you to consider:

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1. Take it easy with goal and resolution accomplishments early in the year. The year is just getting started and so are you. You need a week or two of getting used to routine again.
2. Make adjustments to your resolutions and goals as required. We all want to be the champions of our commitments. But we also have to be smart about the way of accomplishing them.
3. Do not give up!!! Even if things are not going as planned, do not give up! See point 1 and point 2.

So, are you back to your normal breathing? Perfect! Keep at it and remember, you have a whole year ahead of you!

That is all I wanted to discuss today. Just a little boost to your ego and you after a first week in a new reality. Did I forget something else? Oh yes, here are few more additions to our original list above. With all the business of the two "big ones", we often forget what the holidyas are all about. Here is a little reminder :

- Spending time with the family
- Having good time
- Enjoying the company you visit or who visits you
- Sharing special moments
- Resting

So focus more on these! Now, I am done! Hope this will be a little pick up for the second week of your new year. Keep up the great work and remember,

Be Active! Be Involved! Be a Current Woman!

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