Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Back to Basics

Hello my dear friends!

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My, my, my! How fast does the time fly! It's been sporadic writing for the blog in the last couple of months... and I had some letting go to do! And after a rather successful few sessions it's time to get "back to basics". You had a short introduction to the concept early in the year and we will get to more details shortly. But for now I have few questions for you.

As we approach the end of 2015 it is typical to think about closing the old year off and start preparing for the new one ahead. Are you one of the people that makes resolutions, or list of things to accomplish in the new year, or you simply raise the glass to welcome the start of the new year and just take one day at a time? Well, I've done all of the above in the past and at this point leaning more towards the last two. Resolutions are great and exciting but at times lack the purpose, at least in my case.

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And this is the time when I would like to extend my introduction of the concept of going "back to basics" to you and why sometimes it is required for all of us. This might sound like a very simple statement and it really is. It might be presented in many different ways but the meaning does not change. The meaning is to start over. In my case, it sounds a little different - starting all over... again!

Yes, this is not my first re-start and I have a feeling will not be the last one. When you are at my age it sounds scary since  the shake up is needed in all aspects of my life: personal, physical, spiritual and business. I'd like to look at it as a rise of the Phoenix! And I am extremely excited about the opportunities ahead!

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Thus this sounds like a perfect opportunity to tell you more about my approach to going "back to basics" but it will have to wait. All in good time...

But you did not think I will leave you just with that, did you? Of course not! You know me well enough! Instead of talking about me (I can't believe I just said that), we will discuss the scenarios when "back to basics" approach  might be required and discover the steps to take in order to push the "re-start button". Let's get to it!

We will open by exploring the re-start of your physical being. It seems the most appropriate since a lot of people will be committing to more healthier lifestyle and gym membership numbers will increase immensely in the first month of the new year. But before jumping onto that wagon ask yourself following questions:

1. What is the purpose of your commitment?
2. How much time will your commitment require?
3. Are you prepared to dedicate that time?
4. Are you prepared to make adjustments as required?
5. Do you have a time frame for completion?
6. What is the end result expectation?
7. Are you being realistic?

Pretty clear, isn't it? Trust me, I have been there few times myself: making a new year resolution only to get disappointed few month into the year because life got in the way. And being a former "control freak" it was all or nothing.

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Now, let's have a look at your personal life expectations for the new year. It can involve your family life with children or without, your love life - either you're single or not, and of course your extended family relations. What are the questions to ask yourself here? To be honest, I suggest to look at the ones above. This might be a different aspect of life but the approach should be the same. If you are about to make a commitment to something in your personal life, it is still a commitment that will require time, consideration, adjustment and the end result expectation.

As a matter of fact the same approach will apply to the other two aspects of our lives - spiritual and business/work. They are all commitments that make up our lives and develop us as human beings. Does this make sense?

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So, where does the concept of going "back to basics" come in?" you may ask. Look at the list of questions above? Do they sound complex to you? Do they remind you of a new start, new project, new page in your life? Try to remember yourself as a child wanting to learn, experience and be more like grown up? You started at the base and by asking these questions or being asked these questions by a grown up, you stuck to your commitments and accomplished them.

I hear you, as adults we have more responsibilities and at times it is difficult to see the commitment through. I know, life gets in the way! That is why I had to re-start so many times! But don't make it complicated! Review the questions above again. Do you see the one about adjustments? Yes, you can do that! Actually I recommend you do it in-order to stay true to your commitment. Either it's time, result or approach, if adjustment is required go for it!

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There is one VERY IMPORTANT thing to remember - BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF! We all want the best outcome for ourselves and our commitments. But we are not in control of external factors of our lives and that is okay. If that happens, scrap your original plan and make a new one or make adjustments. Go "back to basics" and an honest end result is guaranteed!

Here is just a small example of my approach. The winter has finally arrived in Ottawa! Big snow storm with hauling winds, windchill of - 21C and up to 25 cm of snow expected. Well, it really messed up my few hours of work commitment outdoors today. But I am not going to give up. Instead of heading out at 8 am, I am waiting for the weather to calm down a little and adjusted my plans for the day (if you see me walking in your neighbourhood, say hello to your neighbour!). "Back to basics"!

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Another item to remember is to please, please, please don't get stuck in the past. It is gone, there is nothing you can do about it and you most certainly cannot change it. Learn a lesson and let it go! Move on and go "back to basics"!

Hopefully this post helps you to understand the concept of going "back to basics" better and perhaps even helps you to look at some of your complex commitments in the different more basic light. I know for myself, we as adults make things quite complicated at times, so this concept certainly helps me. To end this conversation I would like to sum up "back to basics" approach:

1. Make a meaningful commitment.
2. Do not make things complicated.
3. Make adjustments as required.
4. Let go of the past approach if it failed.
5. Be realistic.
6. Be honest with yourself.

That's it, that's all! Very basic! Imagine yourself as a kid as you endure on a new adventure - time of innocence, time of "I can do anything" and time when nothing stood in your way! And go for it! I know you can do it!!!

Thank you for stopping by! Enjoy your day and the rest of 2015! Have fun, stay safe, healthy and grateful! And remember,

Be Active! Be Involved! Be a Current Woman!

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