Tuesday, March 29, 2011

100 Reasons for 100 Years, Reason Three

Last week we lost one of the most beautiful women in the world. Yes, she was known around the world for her physical beauty but that is not all she had to offer. This woman had a glow from within. I would like to share my thoughts about this remarkable woman with you today.

Her name is Dame Elizabeth Taylor.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor was born in England in suburbs of London in 1932. Her American parents brought Dame Elizabeth back to USA in 1939 and settled in Los Angeles, California. Hollywood was a perfect residence for this beautiful child. Universal and MGM were fighting for a chance to sign Dame Elizabeth. At the end, MGM succeeded and the world was introduced to Dame Elizabeth Taylor.

From a child star and adolescent actress to adult roles, this tireless woman took each day as a treasure and lived it to the fullest. Just like her large collection of jewelry, her many films or her several marriages, her life was big and unapologetic. She has made a tremendous impact on the film industry and world itself.

Let's have a look at what Dame Elizabeth has been able to accomplish in her 79 years and how did she effect the world:

1. She has been first celebrity to support HIV/AIDS movement and in 1984 organized and hosted a first fundraiser for AIDS Project Los Angeles. Within 30 years, she helped to raise over $100 million. Dame Elizabeth stayed dedicated to the fight against decease throughout her life. Even after her death she has a contribution to this fight, her glamorous jewelery collection is going to be auctioned. The approximate worth of the collection is $150 million and the proceeds will benefit Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and amfAR (charity she helped found in 1985).
2. In 1987, Dame Elizabeth was the first celebrity to break into the celebrity brand merchandising. Her first venture was presented in perfume "Passion" which followed by "White Diamonds" and "Black Perls". "White Diamonds" is still considered to be the best selling perfume of all times. How does it fit into giving back formula? Well, many celebrities followed Dame Elizabeth's example and raised hundreds of millions of dollars for charities through the sale of their celebrity brand merchandise. Yes, one of them is Lady Gaga.
3. In May of 2000, as a British citizen (through birth) Dame Elizabeth received a prestigious title of Dame (equal to Knight for males) for her contribution to humanity.
4. Throughout the years Dame Elizabeth struggled with addictions to pain killers and alcohol. She did not hide these problems. She wanted to show regular women that there is a way to overcome these issues.

Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with JewelryDame Elizabeth Taylor has made her life a public affair, with hopes to improve the world. Either it's equality of women in acting world, either it's a fight against horrible decease (HIV/AIDS), or simply contributing to the world through her movies. Her interests in jewelry, art, antiques and fashion brought a lot of awareness to the charities Dame Elizabeth was supporting.

It is with the sad heart that I would like to say that she was a Current Woman. Her unique beauty and approach to life will always stay in our memories. And her movies will introduce new generations to this beautiful woman and the causes she supported. Thank you for your life and R.I.P. Dame Elizabeth Taylor!

Please let me know if there are any women that you would like me to consider for "100 Reasons for 100 Years". We are still looking for more names of the women that contributed to the world in some way. I'd love to hear from some of my readers from abroad. I know that there are many women in your country that are worth mentioning.

Have a great day and remember,

Be Active! Be Involved! Be a Current Woman!

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