Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Canadian Real Estate News March 2011

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97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate InvestorsHope you are having a nice day. I am not sure what happened to the beautiful sun that we had in Ottawa for the last two days. It is sooooo glooooooomy today.

But it does not matter today. There are some good news coming your way about Canadian Real Estate.

This month issue includes Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) stats as well  as stats for Ottawa real estate market. Thank you to CREA and Ottawa Real Estate Board (OREB) for this information.

The good news is that this is a balanced market in Canada. So, you do not have to overpay for the house you like (well, if someone else likes "your" house that could be few extra dollars). I am still in shock from last February, March, April and May. That was a fantastic time for sellers! But my poor buyers were in tears!

Another item to consider, is that due to the unfortunate events in Japan (please help if you can), demand for housing in Canada will increase (we are neighbours after all). And I am sure most Canadians in Japan will consider a move back to Canada. There could be some Japanese nationals as well. It will most likely effect British Colombia  but the rest of the country will follow as always.

It is still a great time buy or sell real estate. Interest rates are still low (yesterday, RBC lowered it's mortgage rates again) and economy picking up. This is a good time to look for your first home, investment or think about downsizing.

Speaking about downsizing. Today's newsletter also gives some tips to seniors or to people that care about them.

Without any further delay here is Canadian Real Estate News March 2011. Please do not hesitate to contact me at (613) 270-8200 or if you have any questions or interests. Also, I could connect you with reliable Real Estate professionals around the world (US still looks very attractive for real estate investments).

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