Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday! Are You Celebrating?

Happy Birthday to all who was born on 31st day of March! What a fabulous day that was!

Yes, I am one of the people that is celebrating birthday today. Thus today, I'd like to discuss something that has been bothering me for the last couple of years. Why is it when we get older we are not as excited about our birthdays?

I am mostly a very positive person and love life. Every day is a new adventure and there are so many things to discover (I wonder I go to bed so late). Every March the count down to my birthday begins on March 1st. It is a "happy" countdown: I get to spend time with my family, hear from friends that live abroad and the ones I do not see or hear from very often, and perhaps have a little party (OK, they were pretty big when I was young and I planned them myself). With our busy lives it is tough to do that more often. I also like to celebrate the fact that I am another year wiser! Yes, year wiser. I reflect on the year that past and see what have I accomplished, where have a failed and what have I learned from that.

It always surprises me when people do not want to recognise their birthdays or even mention them. My birthday was a big deal until last year. So, what happened? Why is that for the second year in a row there is no countdown, no parties?

Well, I had a chance to think about it last night. There are few things that have been on my mind for the last couple of years. One of them is getting closer to another round number, 40. Numbers never bothered me before, even now I still consider myself 20 something. But mind and body sing a different song. I am feeling that my body cannot keep up with my mind. I sure am wiser and there are many more ideas in my mind right now. My body though is more lazy and tough to get along with (sometimes it feels like not cooperating with me at all). I am sure some of you know exactly what I am talking about.

And than, my son is growing older (what happened to my precious little baby, he is 16). He is planning his own life now, thinking about his future, does not need his Mom as much. And of course knows better then Mom (oh brother).

So, should I get back that countdown or does it really matter? Well, I think I'd like to get that countdown back. And here is why:

1. With years, we get wiser and that is the reason to celebrate.
2. With years, we accomplish more and that is the reason to celebrate.
3. With years, we get to know ourselves better and that is the reason to celebrate.
4. With years, we understand the elders better (now I know why my Mom used to say: "Wait till you have your own kids!") and that is the reason to celebrate.
5. With years, we understand why we are here and that is the reason to celebrate.
6. With years, we are able to share our knowledge and that is the reason to celebrate.
7. With years, just our "shells' get older not our minds and that is the reason to celebrate.

So, please join me in celebrating yourself! It does not matter if your birthday passed or just to come. You are here and there is a reason for that. Celebrate yourself! You deserve it! And it's never too late to have that BIG party!

I'd love to hear your birthday approach. Please don't be shy, share with us.

Have a fantastic day and remember,

Be Active! Be Involved! Be a Current Woman!

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