Sunday, January 4, 2015

HELP! I am drowning!

Another day, another frustration, another unresolved issue. Does this sound familiar? Well, if it does not you should read this anyway. It might help someone you know.

So, what is it this time? I am feeling overwhelmed. There seems to be too much going on and I feel like I am loosing the grip once again. Things to do, items to read, research to conduct, paperwork! And then there is my lovely family that or so precious, supportive and understanding but they need my time and there does not seem to be much. It's been eaten buy a Great White! It all looks like an endless ocean. HELP! I am drowning!

Not so fast, I know how to swim! I've been there before, many times before. There is help: life ring, boat, orrs, motorboats, submarines....... You get the drift.

But seriously, let's discuss this. As women, we carry many, many, many responsibilities (no offence gentlemen, Girl Power). We are expected to be smart, beautiful, loving, maternal, gentle, powerful, courageous, brave, creative and simply amazing. We fought for our rights for many years (still fighting for some) and now most of us enjoy the freedom of being who we are.

I love being all of the above and more but sometimes it feels like I am drowning in being me. Observation of my life taught me few things and one of them that most of the time I create this drowning situation myself. I am the problem you see. I push myself, I load myself, I frustrate myself, I drown myself. Yup, it's my doing! It does not help to be an Aries, we tend to start many things at the same time with great enthusiasm but not finish them (well, at least these are the Aries that I know, and I know quite a few).

So, how do I help myself? Is this disease curable? Can I be helped?

Absolutely! But how? Is there a doctor? Is there a machine? Is there a magical wound? Is there a special swimming instructor? Yes, yes, yes and yes!

Let's begin the saving process:

1. Take an hour (tough to find time? how about 30 minutes) out of the day (preferably day off) and try to find a quite place where you can be alone. This will allow you to relax your mind and get in touch with yourself.

2. Settle your mind and think about where the real issue lies (you are most likely overloaded).

3. Think about the possible solution and if there is a need for help.

4. Prioritize, apply the solution and seek help (if needed).

Sounds simple enough but I know it is not. Been there many times myself and the toughest step is number 1. You might say: "I wish I had an extra hour to sleep, never mind an hour for myself!". But ladies, trust me, it is so important.

You are oblivious to the fact that most of us have that 30 minutes or an hour in a day. Did you have a chance to see the new episode of "Scandal"? There is your hour! Sure, this is your relaxation time but will it help to make a difference in your life in the next six month? One month? A week?

I am not suggesting taking away your TV time all together. It just a little time away from TV land that can make your life more balanced and peaceful and get you out of the dark waters of "OMG, please throw me a lifejacket!". Does this make sense?

This might sound like a very simple thing to do. But it really is not. Most of us have a group of friends and colleagues that are up to date with the latest episode and you feel almost obligated to follow. Do not be afraid to be different! I given up TV first time back in late '90 early 2000. It was a super busy time in my life and TV was not helping me to make a difference. And at the same time movie and pizza on Friday nights were very special for my son and I.

Years went by, I got back into the TV mix and once again things got very messy. Now, I have taken control over my time and what a difference it makes! And with the advance of technology I am not missing a thing about happenings in the world, it is all at my finger tips.

You see, I also found that with ever changing world structure and constant unrest, watching the news was very depressing. There is so much injustice in the world that it was overwhelming and adding to my already full plate. I want to help but what can I do on the big world scale. And then I figured it out, less outside distractions and more focus on smaller task and finding the way of being helpful to myself and others.

The result is amazing and I am proud of the fact that just recently several people commented on how much I inspire them. That is the best outcome for me! Sure I am not perfect and my drowning struggles occur once in a while but I can see that the few steps above made a difference in mine and other people lives.

I hope you try this method and let me know what you think.

And in the meantime remember

Be Active! Be Involved! Be a Current Woman!


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