Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are Your Rich and Happy?

Hello, hello!
Well, another book down. It was not new. I have just re-read something that is very interesting and really struck my cord.
21 Distinctions of Wealth: Attract the Abundance You DeserveThe name of the book is “21 Distinctions of Wealth” by Peggy McColl. She is a Canadian, New York Times best-selling author. I picked up this book for re-read because there are few things that have been on my mind lately.
Ok, let’s get into more details. There are many people in the world that are rich. But they are not aware of that fact. Why not you ask? Well, they struggle financially. And since our typical definition of being rich is having lots of money, these people consider their lives poor.
There is something wrong with this picture. You see, most of them are healthy, they have family and friends around, and they have many talents to offer. Never mind about those people. What about you?
I do not know you very well just yet, but let’s have a quick look at my life. I consider myself rich and happy. I am in a wonderful relationship, we live in the house that we love, I have a great family and wonderful friends, I have my health and one of the most important things, I have a desire to learn, create and share with the world.
I had a very eventful life so far. There were many high points and of course there was a share of low ones. In the last few years there have been quite a few challenges in my life. I am genually a very positive person. But there are some days I get to the point that I am not sure when and if these problems ever going to be resolved. But every day is the new day. And every day there is a new beginning. I am healthy, I have a great support system at home, I am full of ideas (sometimes my head hurts from thinking) and I know that there are people that are interested in hearing from me. And I have people like you to thank for that. I believe that I am rich and happy!
I am also a strong believer in the power above (everyone has a word for that: God, Universe, Celestial Being, Karma, etc.). Earth has its own energy and we are part of it. We also have our own energy fields. We can increase the strength of this field if we wish. But be careful, if your energy is negative you can attract more negativity in your life. Do you really need that?
Your Destiny Switch: Master Your Key Emotions, and Attract the Life of Your DreamsIt works the same with riches and happiness. Be positive and happy! Appreciate the things that you have in your life. You never know when it can be taken away. You are rich and happy! And if you still do not feel it please pick up Peggy’s book. It is very much in line with what I am telling you here.
Look, I know that some of you will probably think that here is another person preaching about magical non-existent powers. But please, have a little quite time for yourself and think about all that has happened in your life thus far. Have certain things happen for a reason? Even if it was a negative happening, was the outcome positive? Has the negative event solved your problem with a positive outcome?
Life is full of riches and happiness! It’s within your reach. You just have to be positive and believe in yourself.  This is your journey and there is a reason for you to be here. We are all born into the same world with the same opportunities. Take your place in life and do not fall a victim to negativity.
Wow, that’s some heavy stuff. But please take point of this. Don’t just read and forget. Follow through, really think about it and definitely pick up “21 Distinctions of Wealth” by Peggy McColl.
I am sure you have some comments and I’d love to hear from you.
In the mean time have a fantastic day and remember…
Be Active! Be Involved! Be a Current Woman!

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