Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We Are All Different

Hello from Current Woman!

It is another beautiful day and we are blessed to be here!

Today I'd like to discuss something that affected all of us at some point in our lives. Low selfesteem due to comparison of yourself to "that" other beautiful, skinny, successful woman. "Why her and not me!" you say.

Women and Self-Esteem: Understanding and Improving the Way We Think and Feel About OurselvesYou know what I am talking about. It is one of the major issues in woman's life. It haunts you from the early age and sometimes till the day you leave this world. It is an everyday harsh reality for some of us and a little bump on the road for others. It affects us in a different way because we are all different.

You see, my outlook on life is such: if everyone is the same the life would be very boring. Imagine if we all looked the same, spoke the same, acted the same, pretty much had the same life as everyone else. How can you differentiate yourself from another person?

Yes, it's not an easy task. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements of beautiful, happy, successful
women. And how about all the reality shows! Kardashians! I still do not understand what's "real" about their lives.

But really, think about it. We are all women. We were born a certain way for a reason. We all have a reason to be here. Sure you might not have been able to figure it out just yet but you are, just the way you are, is very important to society. Society needs all of us!

Ok, let's break it down:

-  there are different type of professions that require different types of personalities
-  our poor kids will not be able to recognize their mothers, "My little Bobby called my neighbour Mommy!"
-  imagine everyone is a writer, or a surgeon, or a CEO, we'll be very hungry :(
-  men like different type of women, if we were all the same there will be a lot of sad men :(

Your Destiny Switch: Master Your Key Emotions, and Attract the Life of Your DreamsSo you get the idea. We all have a destiny.

I understand that sometimes it's tough to do it on your own.Sometimes you do not have a support system around you. And once again that's when all of us different type of women can help each other. There are groups, classes, blogs (mine is one of them) and of course books. I personally recommend the books that are mentioned on this page. They are quite good.

The main point is that you should not feel bad because you might not fit some societal "standard". You are who you are!

You are beautiful, smart, courageous, exciting, happy, and much more!

Have a fantastic day!

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