Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Shopping, Go to the Mall or Not?


It's a beautiful sunny day in Ottawa with -15C (well I don't really like this part). I am blessed to have a chance to enjoy this day from the warmth of my home. Working from home has many perks, especially on the cold day.

This brings me to today's topic - Holiday Shopping. Living in Canada 
is wonderful but is brings its own challenges in the winter. I am of course talking about the weather. For example, yesterday part of Southern Ontario experienced snow storm that has never been seen. It even made it to CNN, which is a rarity. Emergency vehicles and snowplows in the ditch! This is really disturbing. And this is with just 7 shopping days left till Christmas.What are we to do with our little cars?

Of course there are ways to go around this problem. This is the time where the magnificent technology comes in. Thank you on-line shopping! With the variety of stores offering products on-line you can create your own shopping mall at home. Music, books, toys, games, tools... Do I have to go on?

Another interesting development is due to technological advances. On-line shopping does not mean that you have to wait for that package for 10-14 business days. In the days of technology most of us are looking for an instant gratification. And that's where digital products come in. Well, we still need clothes, but music and books becoming an item that's instantly delivered to you after the purchase. Viva digital world!

Wow! This is so great! No driving in the snow (at least in the countries that have it), no fighting for the parking spot, no fainting it the long line ups! Bliss! Or is it?

Well, I have to be honest. I love digital world (how do you think I communicate with you) but I am a believer into "touch and feel". Yes, I like to go to the mall and touch and fell items that I might be interested in buying. It is especially important to me when I am buying anything that I'll be wearing: shoes, blouses, skirts, pants,etc. Even if I have to fight the weather and the traffic I'll still go to the mall.

It also applies to toys, accessories, books and few other little things. Sure I might end up buying them on-line. But it is important to me to see them "in-person" first. I have to have the feeling that this is exactly what I am looking for. After all, I love giving presents and it is important that it's just the right thing.

Another issue that comes with on-line shopping is the security. All of the retailers offer you a secure check out. But what about those hackers? Just few days ago Visa and MasterCard has been affected by hackers (wikileak warriors). That's no fun and you have no control over that.

There is a large increase in on-line shopping. Next year estimation is $960 million, and close to
$2 billion in 2012.This will certainly decrease traffic to the malls. And that is a welcoming fact to those people that still like to visit malls.

So, this a a question of the day. As a current woman, that most likely has a busy schedule, do you prefer to quietly shop from home (on-line shopping) or do you look forward to mingle with the crowds in the busy, loud, exciting shopping mall? I am looking forward to find out.

Have a fantastic day and remember...

Be Active! Be Involved! Be a Current Woman!

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